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How long do repairs take to complete?+

Every repair is unique, but as long as the required part is in stock most repairs can be completed in less than 2 hours. Estimated repair times are given on-site when you bring in the device.

What kind of warranty does my repair come with?+

All of our repairs and accessories come with a 90-day warranty (excluding water damage).

Does your work void the manufacturer’s warranty on my device?+

Your warranty is voided as soon as physical or water damage occurs.

What is the difference between a 'factory unlock' and a 'software unlock'?+

A factory unlock is a ‘one time’, guaranteed unlock for the life of your iPhone. You can update the software and therefore benefit from all the improvements, additions and features that Apple continuously add in their updates, at anytime they are offered. You can connect to iTunes without fear of reversing your unlock and all warranty and features function 100%. A software unlock, or ‘jailbreak/unlock’ is an exploit. It basically tricks the phone through the software. The downside is you risk losing the manufacturers warranty and can never update to a newer version of iOS without unlocking again.

What happens if my device is left at Phone Restore for a long period of time?+

We will hold the device for at least 30 days, then it will be recycled or sold to recoup our cost of parts and labor. We will exhaust all attempts to contact you prior.

Can you fix water damaged gadgets?+

When a phone comes in contact with a liquid, the inherent problem becomes corrosion. If a liquid cannot properly dry, it begins to corrode components within the phone.

Bring your device to us as soon as possible after contact with water. The earlier we can apply treatment, the higher the chance of success. Although 65%-80% of phones can be restored to working condition, sometimes they are beyond repair. With a $25 deposit, we will completely disassemble your phone, locate and remove any and all corrosion, then reassemble it. If everything works, and no additional parts need to be replaced, you then pay the remaining balance. If it is not repaired, you forfeit the deposit for the repair attempt.

Will my data be lost during your repair?+

Phone Restore does not do anything that would cause you to lose your data while your device is being repaired. There are times where the damage to your phone erases your data, but this is only discovered when your repair needs are met.

How do I pay for the repair?+

Because every repair is different, we never take full payment until the repair is completed. No work will be completed until an estimate is approved by you first.

Do you charge for estimates?+

No. We never charge for estimates. Diagnostic fees are only required when we open or perform work on the device.

What if I already have the part that is needed to fix my phone?+

We can install your part for an installation fee, but we cannot warranty that type of work.

Why should I trust your company?+

All Phone Restore techs are Level III Certified Master Cellular technicians. We take pride in our work and strive to be well known for our honesty and fairness in the community.

Where are the repairs performed?+

All work is performed on-site.